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The pleasant town of Markkleeberg, rich in water and parks, is a popular destination in the Leipziger Neuseenland.
Whoever stands on the shores of Lake Cospuden or Lake Markkleeberg experiences a new landscape shaped by human hands. Two lakes that have shaped the city have developed from former open-cast lignite mines:

- Lake Markkleeberg with the Seepark Auenhain and the canoe park
- Lake Cospuden with the water sports centre at Zöbigker harbour

Leisure time experiences around the lakes and sports on and near the water inspire the guests. There are almost no limits to the variety:

Surfing, kite surfing, sailing, diving, boating, sauna in the lake, white water rafting, cycling, skating, hiking, golfing are just a few, selected offers.

If you stroll through the town by bike or on foot, you will quickly realise that Markkleeberg is not a typical town. Grown together from several districts, its basic architectural features have been preserved as far as possible. Seven former manor houses in Markkleeberg and a large number of villas and country houses bear witness to a rich history and the former favourable location in the middle of extensive meadows.

The AGRA agricultural exhibition helped Markkleeberg to international fame. Today you can experience the AGRA Park as an English garden, one of the most species-rich parks around Leipzig.

Every year in October, traditional associations from all over the world meet here around the Markkleeberg and Dölitz gatehouses to commemorate the Battle of the Nations near Leipzig in 1813 with bivouacs, commemorative events, concerts, lectures and battle reenactments.

Discovering Markkleeberg and coming back is a must for many guests who are enthusiastically following the large-scale landscape conversion and tourism development of the town and the Leipzig Neuseenland.

From 2009, water walkers will be able to paddle from Leipzig to Lake Cospuden without having to transfer their boats. By 2015, the lake connections between Lake Cospuden and Lake Zwenkau as well as Lake Markkleeberg and Lake Störmthal will be built with their lock structures, making them outstanding destinations for water hikers and water sports enthusiasts.

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